Joel Rafael - Rose Avenue


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Rose Avenue, Joel Rafael’s tenth album Rose Avenue gracefully defines him and his contribution to the American canon. The ten-song masterpiece includes nine originals that reflect the honest accounting of a man in his 70th year. On Rose Avenue Rafael’s perception reflects a lifetime’s insight into the songs he writes; as well as a full measure of gratitude for what has been, and what lies ahead.

  1. Abraham, Martin and John
  2. Strong
  3. Float Down Stream
  4. Back Along This Highway (Crossroads)
  5. Secrets Of The Heart
  6. Under Our Skin
  7. Never Needing
  8. Glory Bound
  9. Out On A Fine Line
  10. All My Relations
Joel Rafael - Old Portland Town


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Joel Rafael's ninth album, Baladista, recorded in his studio at his ranch in North San Diego County, California, accompanied by Greg Leisz, James "Hutch" Hutchinson, John Inmon and Terry "Buffalo" Ware, delivers ten essential ballads that embrace and celebrate the human spirit and reflect the half-century journey of an American Songwriter.

Joel Rafael - America Come Home


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America Come Home, California songwriter Joel Rafael's eighth album, reflects his unique brand of American Power Folk. The high energy version of "Dance Around My Atom Fire," a Woody Guthrie-Joel Rafael co-write, opens the album and sets the tone of social consciousness that permeates Rafael's writing, while the title track, "America Come Home" (with David Crosby and Graham Nash) conjures a longing to restore the American Dream.

Joel Rafael - guitar, piano, lead vocal
Mark Goldenberg - lead guitar, B3
Kevin McCormick - bass
Steve Distanislao - drums
Beth Fitchet-Wood - background vocals
David Crosby and Graham Nash - Harmony on America Come Home



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Southern California-based singer-songwriter Joel Rafael is celebrated as one of music's foremost interpreters of the work of American folk icon Woody Guthrie. Rafael has previously released two acclaimed compilations of Guthrie's songs. Inside Recordings-the independent label to which Rafael his been signed since 2000-has just reissued these two collections together in a new bundled package. The specially priced 2-disc set, released September 15, 2009, retails for $18.98.

"His ( Joel Rafael's) reading of the works of a true folk legend are themselves outstanding and display the art of the storyteller in fine form."

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Thirteen Stories High

Joel Rafael's new album is due out on Inside Recordings on April 8, 2008 - The lead single, "This Is My Country," an instant-classic protest song, features backing vocals from David Crosby & Graham Nash.

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Songs of Woody Guthrie (and tales worth telling) volume II

Please see: The Songs of Woody Guthrie, Vol. 1 & 2

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Border Songs featuring Joel Rafael

Border Songs

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Border Songs--a new compilation album to benefit the southern Arizona humanitarian group No More Deaths - was released to a capacity crowd in Flagstaff, AZ. The purpose of the album is to raise awareness and provide aid to migrants who suffer and die in Sonoran desert. Joel Rafael contributed his song "Sierra Blanca Massacre" to this album.

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  1. Sweet Honey in the Rock: Are We a Nation? 3:48
  2. Lilo González Y Los De La Mount Pleasant: Ningún Ser Humano Es Ilegal 3:58
  3. Amos Lee: El Camino 4:02
  4. Charles Bowden: Excerpts from an Interview By Scott Carrier 1:20
  5. Cyril Barrett: Coyotes of Sasabe 4:07
  6. Tom Russell: Who's Gonna Build Your Wall? 3:46
  7. Margaret Randall and Glenn Weyant: Offended Turf / Excerpt from Droneland Security 6:51
  8. Pachuco and Classik: Somos Mexicanos 4:23
  9. Robert Neustadt: Voluntary Return 4:05
  10. Sergio Mendoza Y La Orkesta: La Cucharita 4:24
  11. Giant Giant Sand: Detained 3:13
  12. m. henry: What Coyote Brought 7:10
  13. Scott Ainslie: the Land That I Love 5:24
  14. Ted Warmbrand: Who's the Criminal? 3:41
  15. Mario Bencastro: Arizona 1:01
  16. Christa Sadler: Sublime Gracia 0:38


  1. Calacas Blues: Nada Que Llorar 3:06
  2. Michael Franti and Spearhead: Hello, Bonjour 4:50
  3. Sierra Blanca Massacre 5:55
  4. Raul Zúrita: Desiertos 4 0:58
  5. Dúo Guardabarranco: Canción Pequeña 3:15
  6. Los Románticos: Los Mandados 2:40
  7. Eliza Gilkyson: Vayan Al Norte 6:00
  8. Óscar Sarmiento: El Oficio De Coyote 4:19
  9. Calexico: Across the Wire 3:26
  10. Chuck Cheesman: Uphill (American Dream) 3:40
  11. Lakesigns: Sunset Limited 5:49
  12. Denise Chávez: Rosaura Muñoz: I.D. #595, Excerpt from the King and Queen of Comezón 4:00
  13. Eric Skye: Cowgirl Blue 3:26
  14. Pete Seeger: My Rainbow Race 3:43
  15. Christa Sadler: Amazing Grace 0:41
Occupy This Album

Occupy This Album

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Available in the iTunes Store with special digital-only tracks

Occupy The Album--Legendary and emerging artists inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement have come together to lend their voices on Occupy This Album: a compilation of music by, for and inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement and the 99% (CD/Digital). Released by Music For Occupy through Razor & Tie distribution, the four-disc physical and 99-track digital compilation is due out May 15th. Proceeds received will go directly to the Occupy Wall Street movement, which began in the financial district of New York on Sept. 17, 2011. The movement can now be found in 951 cities in 83 countries on five continents. On May 8th The City Winery in New York will host a special night of performances by participating artists and surprise guests. Lineup and ticket information is provided below.

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  1. Something's Got to Give, Matt Pless
  2. Come On, Come On, Come On, Jackson Browne
  3. Occupation Freedom, George Martinez & The Global Block Collective
  4. People Have The Power (Live In Marseille), Patti Smith
  5. Love Anthem (Only Love), My Pet Dragon
  6. The Panic is On, Loudon Wainwright III
  7. Occulture, Cosmonaut
  8. Save Us, papercranes (feat. Rain Phoenix)
  9. Smile (Get Up and Sing), Jay Samel
  10. This Is What America Looks Like, Tenderflex (DJ Logic & David Maurice) feat. Dynasty Electric, Ayler Young and Jay Rodriguez
  11. Big Little Wolfs, Aeroplane Pageant
  12. Agent 99, Alex Emanuel
  13. Safety In Numbers, Deborah Harry
  14. Hey, can I Sleep On Your Futon?, Richard Barone
  15. Occupy Wall Street "Here Here Here", Black Dragon
  16. White Gold, Ladytron
  17. Greed, Gabriel Aldort
  18. Against The Machine, Taj Weekes & Adowa
  19. The Young Idealists, Lloyd Cole
  20. A Peaceful Solution, Willie Nelson


  1. The Times They Are A-Changin', Michael Moore
  2. The World Is On Fire, Ace Reporter
  3. Latter Days, The Middle Eight
  4. Turn The Lights On, Chroma
  5. Which Side Are You On? Ani DiFranco
  6. Well May The World Go, Tao Rodriguez-Seeger
  7. Unified Tribes, Thievery Corporation
  8. Robber Barons, Thee Oh Sees
  9. Saving Up To Go Bankrupt, Mike Rimbaud
  10. Hell No (I'm Not Alright), Nanci Griffith
  11. We Stand As One, Joseph Arthur
  12. Cash Machine, Girls Against Boys
  13. Rebellion Politik, Junkyard Empire
  14. Nothing Recedes Like Progress, Anti-Flag
  15. Rebel, Fear Nuttin Band
  16. Under The Bridge, Jill Sobule with John Doe
  17. Take A Stand, Stephan Said
  18. The Answer, UNKLE
  19. World Wide Rebel Songs, Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman
  20. If There Ever Was A Time, Third Eye Blind


  1. Move On Fast, Yoko Ono
  2. If We Live, Build The Sun
  3. Fight The Good Fight, Our Lady Peace
  4. I Don't Need Money, Julie B Bonnie
  5. The World Is Turning, Toots & The Maytals
  6. A New York Minute, Nickodemus feat. The Real Live Show, Sadat X, ILLspokinN and Rabbi Darkside
  7. I Ain't No Brian Wilson, Gentleman Brawlers
  8. Industrial Park, The Mammals (feat. Pete Seeger)
  9. Big Fish, Yo La Tengo & the Lost City Rumblers
  10. Occu-Pie, Harry Hayward
  11. Free, Mystic Bowie
  12. Oye Mi Voz, Los Cintron
  13. Walk On, Carolyn Wonderland
  14. Coney Island Winter, Garland Jefferys
  15. China Basin Digs, Joel Rafael
  16. Walkin', The Pimps of Joytime (feat. Roy Ayers)
  17. River's Gonna Rise, Warren Haynes Band
  18. Rich Man's World, Immortal Technique
  19. Staying Out And Calling In, Danger Field


  1. We Can't Make It Here, James McMurtry with Joan Baez & Steve Earle
  2. We Are, New Party Systems (feat. Kyp Malone)
  3. Revolution, The Nova Echo
  4. Number One, Born I Music
  5. Play The Greed, Dar Williams
  6. Broke Heart Blues, Ronny Elliot
  7. hat Are Their Names, (Live) David Crosby & Graham Nash
  8. Make A Stand, Dylan Chambers with Lester Chambers
  9. Better Luck Next Time, Jenny Arnau
  10. All Over The World, Arlo Guthrie & Family
  11. We're The 99, Lauren Diamond (feat. Liz O'Donnell)
  12. We Are Human, Mike + Ruthy
  13. Blessed, Lucinda Williams
  14. Freedom Of Speech, Kanaska Carter
  15. Reclaim, Rejectionist Front
  16. Occupy (We the 99), Jasiri X
  17. Earth Division, Mogwai
  18. Occupy Wall Street Drummers "Pulse" Spoken Word By Paul Spitz
  19. Hidden Bonus Track

Spain In My Heart

Songs of the Spanish Civil War

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The idealistic appeal of "fighting the good fight" against the fascist troops of General Francisco Franco as he warred against Spain's democratically elected government drew more than 45,000 volunteer soldiers from over 50 countries during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39). This influx created a canon of war-related songs sung by the freedom fighters and revived during the American folk boom of the Fifties.

SPAIN IN MY HEART presents new recordings of vintage and recent songs inspired by the conflict and performed by an international roster of musicians. The United States is represented by folk's activist icon, Pete Seeger, Arlo Guthrie, master instrumentalist/vocalist John McCutcheon, bluegrass singer/fiddler Laurie Lewis, East L.A.'s Quetzal, multicultural singer/songwriter/actress Michele Greene, and Joel and Jamaica Rafael of the Joel Rafael Band. From Mexico and Nicaragua come vocalist Lila Downs and Duo Guardabarranco, respectively. The Irish volunteers are solo artist Aoife Clancy, formerly of Cherish the Ladies, and Shay Black of The Black Family. Spain itself is represented by two of its leading contemporary singers, Eliseo Parra and Ux'a.

The songs here, acoustic-based and many in Spanish, form a surprisingly delicate mosaic. Rather than emulating the strident chaos of battle, the CD conveys more subtle aspects of the conflict — yearning for simpler times ("Asturias," "En La Plaza De Mi Pueblo"); longing for distant loved ones ("The Bantry Girls' Lament"); the equal significance of life, love and death ("Lleg' Con Tres Heridas"). The war and the bravery of the anti-fascist forces are addressed in such songs as "Jarama Valley," "El Quinto Regimiento," "Taste of Ashes," and "The Abraham Lincoln Brigade."

No matter in what language the songs are performed, the bravery, pain and loss felt by soldiers and civilians alike are rendered with a conviction and feeling that transcends words and forges an aching link with the listener.

  1. "Jarama Valley" - Arlo Guthrie & Pete Seeger
  2. "En La Plaza De Mi Pueblo" - Michele Greene
  3. "The Abraham Lincoln Brigade" - John McCutcheon
  4. "Asturias" - Guardabarranco
  5. "El Quinto Regimiento" - Lila Downs
  6. "The Bantry Girls' Lament" - Aoife Clancy
  7. "Garcia E Galan" - Uxia
  8. "Los Cuatro Generales" - Joel Rafael & Jamaica Rafael
  9. "Llego Con Tres Heridas" - Eliseo Parra
  10. "Noche Nochera" - Guardabarranco
  11. "Viva La Quinte Brigada" - Shay Black & Aoife Clancy
  12. "Si Me Quieres Escribir" - Quetzal
  13. "Tu Que Brillas" - Michele Greene
  14. "Los Marineros" - Uxia
  15. "Peat Bog Soldiers" - Laurie Lewis
  16. "Viva La Quince Brigada" - Quetzal
  17. "Taste Of Ashes" - Laurie Lewis

The Songs of Pete Seeger

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  1. Guantanamera (Jackson Browne and Joan Baez) 6:33
  2. If I Had a Hammer (Billy Bragg with Eliza Carthy) 3:05
  3. Words, Words, Words (John Wesley Harding and The Minus 5) 2:58
  4. Walking Down Death Row (Steve Earle) 3:46
  5. Oh, I Had A Golden Thread (Dar WIlliams and Toshi Reagon) 5:13
  6. 66 Highway Blues (Arlo Guthrie and Pete Seeger) 2:18
  7. Talking Union (John McCutcheon and Corey Harris) 4:59
  8. Maple Syrup Time (Moxy Fruvos) 3:32
  9. Snow, Snow (Eric Andersen) 4:06
  10. Little Boxes (Kate and Anna McGarrigle) 3:36
  11. Last Train to Nuremberg (Joel Rafael Band) 4:17
  12. You'll Sing to Me Too (Guardabarranco) 3:06
  13. This Old Car (Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie) 2:56
  14. Old Devil Time (Kim and Reggie Harris and Magpie) 3:38
  15. The Emperor is Naked Today-O (Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer) 2:48
  16. Well May the World Go (Larry Long and Pete Seeger) 6:26


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  1. Music in My Room (Cheryl Wheeler) 3.39
  2. Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key (Joel Rafael Band) 4:35
  3. Kiss Me Before I Die (Laurie Lewis) 3:57
  4. See Me When You Can (Guy Davis) 4:46
  5. Clearing in the Forrest (Kate Wolf) 2:44
  6. Ghost in this House (Michael Johnson) 3:25
  7. Lucky One (Bryndle) 3:32
  8. Last Chance to Dance (The Alpha Band) 3:41
  9. At Seventeen (Janis Ian) 4:10
  10. Crow on the Cradle (Jackson Browne) 3:56
  11. Walkin' on the Moon(Katy Moffatt & Rosie Flores) 4:13
  12. Minglewood Blues (David Wadley & Wally Ingram) 4:53
  13. Huron OBeltane' Fire Dance (Loreena McKennitt) 5:57