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WoodyBoye Appleseed Recordings

Penguin Eggs, p. 69

Recent years have seen a steady flow of albums of Woody Guthrie songs and other tributes. One of the best of these was the Joel Rafael Band's Woodeye which came out on Jackson Browne's Inside label. Woodyboye, the sequel, is even better. Besides one Rafael original, the powerful Guthrie-type Sierra Blanca Massacre, Rafael also provided the music for four sets of Guthrie lyrics. The arrangements on Rangers Command give the song a fresh new sound. The only very well-known song is This Train is Bound For Glory. Usually, big name guests serve mostly to sell a CD but in this case the number and quality of guests (Arlo Guthrie, Jackson Browne, Jimmy LaFave, Jenniger Warnes, Van Dyke Parks, The Burns Sisters) actually help make this album a winner.

Paul-Émile Comeau, Penguin Eggs

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