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"Everything about life is the popular song"
Joel Rafael - Songwriter

Heir to the musical tradition of the 40's, guitar and voice of American Don Floro arrive tomorrow in their first Spanish tour.

Herald of the folk music of the United States and unofficial continuation mythical figure of Woody Guthrie, singer-songwriter Joel Rafael (Chicago, 1949) acts tomorrow in Avilés. It is in the pub Don Floro at 21 hours, displaying his repertoire with minimal means: just guitar and voice. How do 'folksingers' of ancestry.

What are your expectations for this Spanish tour?
-I've always wanted to come, and taking advantage of ending a tour of Italy, I decided to try a few dates here. I hope these small concerts open doors for me and get to know Spain again thoroughly.

And what these concerts over short distances?
-Part are my songs, some are classic Woody Guthrie, some more are songs composed between the two and, finally, others are pieces by other composers friends.

Continue the wake of Guthrie on stage?
-I always try to have things in your life and how he thought, from song to song. It's part of my effort to keep his legacy alive. When I was young, one could hardly find his records, but now his music is much more accessible.

Is your figure is respected in the U.S., even as 'pop icon'?
-Woody Guthrie was a unique character and as such has been. His ability to capture and report all that displeased the common people, and to convey any feeling through his voice.

Do you follow current political message, over time?
-This year is the centenary of his birth and it is encouraging to see how they celebrate for anywhere in the country. What he wrote is still relevant in today, really was a man ahead of his time.

'As for you, how developed the songwriting?
-I'm going to the essentials of life that people tell. When they hear stories that feel close and own, continue listening.

What comes to transcend people?
-All that surrounds life in any culture, is in the popular song and that will always influence.

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