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The first time Joel Rafael

The folk singer, who from the beginning followed in the footsteps of Dylan and Joan Baez, acts tonight in Avilés

Joel Rafael

ALGIERS AURELIO Joel Rafael, one of the great representatives of the American folk song (vindictive and root) is acting for the first time in Spain and on Saturday, guitar in hand, will honor the legendary Woody Guthrie, for its centennial in the Pub-Don Floro Aviles. It will be at nine in the evening and the entrance has a price of six euros. From his school days Joel Rafael wanted to follow in the footsteps of names like Dylan, Joan Baez, Limelighters, Ramblin'Jack Elliott, Odetta, Tom Paxton, Pete Seeger & Weavers and, of course, the great Woody Guthrie and began writing songs. Born in Chicago settled in the San Gabriel Valley (San Diego, California) to be carving out a name performing a duet with Rosie Flores to form his own band he shares with his daughter Jamaica and unconditional Carl Johnson, Jeff Berkley and time ago, Kevin McCormack. With this line or solo musicians shared the stage with universally recognized as Emmylou Harris, Jimmy LaFave, Kris Kristopherson, Iris DeMent, John Lee Hooker, Sheril Crow, Crosby, Stills and Nash, Jackson Browne and Taj Mahal.

His recognition increased and continued to participate and share American folk festivals (Kerrville Festival, Ribbon of Highway, Endless Skyway and other appointments) kicking off their tributes to Guthrie, Pete Seeger and even also from anthology albums and own. His encounter with the great Jimmy LaFave, who was making trips to the search for songwriters and performers with the "essence" of Woody Guthrie, Joel Rafael allowed these events to share stories and songs around the country with Sarah Lee Guthrie, Johnny Irion, Ellis Paul and other great folk. Regarded as "the natural heir to Woody Guthrie" Joel Rafael topics appear next to Joan Baez, Arlo Guthrie, John McCutcheon, Jennifer Warner, Lila Downs, Michelle Green, Laurie Lewis, Aoife Clancy and many others to celebrate life and work of Pete Seeger and Guthrie said.

Joel Rafael chose to do songs of the Spanish Civil War popularized by the International Brigades ("The four generals") that appears in "Spain in My Heart" with a curious version of "Asturias beloved homeland" in the "Mot." The complaint policy, for example, runs from the verses of "Last train to Nuremberg" Nixon, Kissinger and Johnson for his activities in Vietnam, Indochina and support for Pinochet.

Joel Rafael has several nominations and awards folk (Independent AFIM, San Diego CCM, Best new artist and lyricist of American folk) not only to pass on the legacy of Guthrie, embodied in "Woodyboye I and II", but for their own work and the group of disks as resounding as "Thirteen Stories High", "Hopper", "Old Barn Wood" and initial or the namesake "Joel Rafael Band." Some of this work was done on the independent label of the renowned Jackson Browne with whom Raphael shows and often share projects.

Woody Guthrie classics as "1913 Massacre", "This land is your land", "Dust Storm Disaster", "Ramblin 'Round" or "Do not kill my baby and my son" ring with their own themes. hits like "This is my country, this is my land" is clearly inspired complaints sung decades ago by Woody Guthrie against corrupt politicians and bankers, war, dictatorship, social injustice, the ragged after the "crack" of 29 or racism in the U.S.. Lyrics largely valid for current times and combine the work of Joel Rafael, who rescued the great unpublished Guthrie as "Dance a Little Longer" with his classic "Talking Oklahoma Hills" where he recalls the start adapting to the great and enduring American bard.

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